Your Time is Precious

This is why we are committed to helping you achieve your goals by offering you our services

Our Services

Customized services!

We offer a range of services specifically designed to help you get off the ground!

No more loneliness in your quest for success. BkQuickService is more than a service agency, it's a great ally who will guide and advise you on a daily basis: it's your new best friend.

Virtual Assistant Packs

Through this pack, we offer you the management of your customer service: answer your customers emails, answer your customers questions on your social media ...

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Website creation

We offer an express website design service that will allow you to test your products as quickly as possible or to create a real brand in the long term

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Video Ads

Double your Conversion Ratewith our Professional Video Ads

Video ads are the #1 reason for the Success or Failure. Your campaign can solely rely on the success of your video ads, so why risk it not being worthy enough? Use our creative, enthusiastic team of professionals that will create the perfect video ad designed especially for You

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you contact me?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation message containing a form in which you will enter your contact information. A few minutes later, you will receive a message from one of our team members

Will I be entitled to any changes?

Once your order is received, if you wish to obtain modifications, you will just have to communicate them to us, in a clear and precise way so that we can correct the elements which you do not like.

Would it be possible to work with you on a long-term basis?

Of course, for any request for an exclusive partnership between BKQUICKSERVICE and your brand, you will just have to contact us by email at so that we can schedule a call and discuss your project.

What's Your Revision Policy?

We agree to changes on your videos or website for up to 24 hours after you have sent in your initial order. Once this time has passed, no further changes can be made unless approved by our team under certain circumstances.