How will you contact me? 

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation message containing a form in which you will enter your contact information. A few minutes later, you will receive a message from one of our team members

Will I be entitled to any changes? 

Once your order is received, if you wish to obtain modifications, you will just have to communicate them to us, in a clear and precise way so that we can correct the elements which you do not like.

Would it be possible to work with you on a long-term basis?

Of course, for any request for an exclusive partnership between BKQUICKSERVICE and your brand, you will just have to contact us by email at contact@bkquickservice.com so that we can schedule a call and discuss your project.

Do you accept payment by bank transfer? 

Yes of course, if you wish to pay by bank transfer. Just send us a message to: contact@bkquickservice.com and we will send you our contact information.

What's Your Revision Policy?

We agree to changes on your videos for up to 24 hours after you have sent in your initial order. Once this time has passed, no further changes can be made unless approved by our team under certain circumstances.

Can I Send You My Product?

Yes, you can, for this contact us at contact@bkquickservice.com

What’s The Delivery Time?

Dependent on the package you select upon signing up, we offer several delivery times ranging from next day delivery up to 3 days.

Does your team produce scripts?

Most definitely! We create all aspects of the video, including the script, production and editing while producing premium quality, guaranteeing our final product is original and compelling.

Do you provide other languages? If so, how many styles do you offer?

We offer videos in any language required. Once our skilled team has written your script, you will be sent the text to translate, which can then be used to create your video.

What input do I get?

When filling out the questionnaire to familiarise us with your product, we will be able to understand what you require of us to design the best possible video ad for your product.