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Video Ads

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Stand out from the competition today! 

Are you trying to get your customers' attention so they can see how your product works?

Are you looking for the best way to convince your prospects to become customers?

You don't have the technical skills to make your videos or you just want to save time to test more products.

The solution is here!
At BkQuickService, we offer you a service of realization of an advertising video highlighting your product, its use and the problem it solves.

Create powerful and useful content for your customers!

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Video is a must in marketing
A well-made video will allow you to stand out from the competition, promote the purchase and online discovery of your product. With a professional video, you can reassure your customers of the usefulness of your product and strengthen your brand image.

Make your product go viral
Video content has the ability to easily make a product go viral. Video marketing is therefore your best asset to get qualified prospects.

Studies show us that
Studies show that 70% of Internet users think that watching a video ad would have a considerable influence on their purchasing decision. Adults aged 25 to 50 spend almost 80% of their time watching videos related to services or products

The Favourite Format of Social Media
It encompasses image, sound and text in one format. Moreover, if it is short, effective and creative, it will be shared on a large scale which will give you optimal visibility.

At BkQuickService,
We commit ourselves to deliver one (01) video, with background sound, description of the product scrolling on two banners.

We know that the first three seconds are essential to help you convert the maximum number of customers; this is why we propose to make a (01) video presenting the first three seconds:

✓ The product
✓ The usefulness of the product
✓ The problem that the product solves

To do this we need the :

✓ AliExpress link of your product
✓ Link to a website presenting the product
✓ Link to a video ad (if you have one)
✓ The desired format
✓ Language of your product
✓ Your marketing offer

Once your videos are delivered, you have the right to touch them up, our teams will be happy to satisfy you.

Depending on your ability to test products, we offer several delivery times.

Discover our packs, take advantage of discounts and gifts that are offered to you.

How does it work?
1 - Once you have ordered, you will receive a form that will allow us to collect all the information we need for your product. We will take care of everything that follows!

2 - A few minutes after completing your form, you will be contacted by your personal agent who will confirm the beginning of the realization of your order and will keep you informed of the progress in real time.

3 - 48 hours later, you will receive the different identifiers to access your site, as well as the possibility to make changes to the final product.

Of course, the entire transaction will be formalized by a confidentiality contract that we will use as a vehicle for transparency.