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Website creation

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We have developed a foolproof, simple and effective working process that will allow you to stand out from the competition and increase your conversion rates considerably. 

It consists of 4 very simple steps.

Step 1: Brainstorming

✓ From our first contact, our design team will research your product to get a feel for your vision for it.

We will seek to answer questions about your competitors, your audience and the world they live in.

This first step will allow us to put forward your product in the best possible way while proposing a multitude of development ideas for it.

Step 2: Branding

✓ Then our design and social marketing expertise will step in to build an imaged perception of your brand.
Thinking big? Well, so are we. We're talking about a global experience: professional logo, custom banners, color choices, icon designs and marketing images...

Everything is done to create in your most skeptical customer a need to live the experience you offer, a need to acquire a product apart.

Step 3: Copywriting
Emotions, emotions, and nothing but emotions...
The third step is simple, our team will produce a description of your product that will touch the heart of your prospects and make them loyal and recurring customers!
GIFs, persuasive sales text, and quality images will be there!

Step 4: The master brushstroke!
We call this step the master stroke because this is where the magic happens! This is the little touch that distinguishes a BkQuickService product from the competition.

It's the realization stage, where we carefully craft the product, from the layout to the graphic finishes.

Understand our offers:


This offer contains:

✔ The creation of a professional logo perfectly suited to your brand image.

✔ The writing of a product description incorporating GIFs, persuasive sales text and professional image integration to showcase your product in the best possible way.

✔ Finally, designing a comprehensive interface that will help you convert even your most hesitant customers!


✔ In addition to the options of our basic offer, our design team will design for your product a mockup of exceptional quality that will give personality to your offer!


✔ Convert, convert, convert! That's what we want for your offer. To assist you in achieving this goal we offer to maximize your chances with the configuration of applications such as Loox, Timer and Email marketing! Our team will make sure that these turn a potential customer into a recurring customer!


✔ Sometimes it's that little bit of effort at the end of a task that makes the difference between a normal result and an exceptional one! Join the long list of our clients who have decided to put all the chances on their side by completely customizing their site. Invest in your success with our complete offer and let us deliver a fully operational site!

How does it work?

1 - Once you have ordered, you will receive a form that will allow us to collect all the information we need for your product. We will take care of everything that follows!

2 - A few minutes after completing your form, you will be contacted by your personal agent who will confirm the beginning of the realization of your order and will keep you informed of the progress in real time.

3 - 48 hours later, you will receive the different identifiers to access your site, as well as the possibility to make changes to the final product.

Of course, the entire transaction will be formalized by a confidentiality contract that we will use as a vehicle for transparency.